As we go forward during the Stay-in-Place order, and children are needing something fun to do, check back often to find new art projects by Ms. Lynda to keep them busy for a little while. Hope you enjoy the projects.

PROJECT 1: Get ready to create this timely piece named HOPE. It is after the style of Robert Indiana who was an American Pop artist best known for his series of LOVE paintings, where he used bold and colorful letters to spell out the word “love.”Check him out here

You can use the word HOPE as in the painting or your own word. What other words can you think of that will be your own wish for the world?


Paper cut into a square. HOW?


  1. Fold one corner of the paper to meet the opposite edge. This brings the short side of the paper over to one of the long sides. ...

  2. Cut off the extra paper. Cut along the edge of the triangle to separate it from the extra paper. ...

  3. Unfold the triangle. You now have a perfect square with a diagonal crease in it. You can save the excess paper for another project.

Pencil for drawing
Ruler for dividing the square into 4 quarters
black marker, crayon; Sharpie or oil pastel
Crayons or Oil Pastels



Divide your paper into a 4 quadrants. HOW? Use your rulers to find the halfway mark on all sides, and connect the mid-points with straight lines. This step is all done in pencil.

Now create your letters to fill each quarter of the paper. Each letter must touch all sides of the quarter and be the same thickness. If you're happy with the layout, trace the letters with your black marker.


Color each letter using a different color for each one. Press hard on your crayon or pastel - we don't want to see any paper, just colors!

Color the negative space with the complimentary color of that letter. What are those? Here's a color wheel to explain. The Complementary colors are any two colors which are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. Look and see if you can find the color that is opposite of red? What can you think of that would be red and green? Christmas, right!! Or how about the Chicago Bears colors? Can you think of what they are?

Once you are done coloring all the positive space (the letters) and negative space (the area around the letters) you can again trace around each letter with a thick line of black marker, crayon or oil pastel.

Take a photo and share it to our Facebook Page here https://www.facebook.com/facepainting.by.paintingfacesandspaces.

Once a week we will pick a winner and that person will receive a $5 coupon towards one of our Summer Art Camps!

For extra credit, take the easy quiz below to enter into a drawing for 1/2 off an art camp.

Take Our Quiz
What color do you get when you mix blue and yellow?
What is the complimentary color of Blue
Who is the famous artist we copied in this art piece?
Which one of these is NOT a Primary Color?

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