As we go forward with the Stay-in-Place order children will be needing something fun to do so check back often to find new art projects to keep them busy for a little while. Hope you enjoy the projects.

Middle School Art Project

Create this colorful painting in the Expressionism style


white paper
Picture of a flower you'd like to paint
pencil/black sharpie
crayons, oil pastel or colored pencils in complimentary color schemes.


1. Start with a small circle 1/3 way down from the top.

2. Outline with black sharpie.

3. Continue drawing 4-5 circles around the center.

4. Create a pattern for the petals and continue growing concentric lines around the petals until you reach the edge of the paper and it looks like they were flowing off the paper.

5. Add a stem with 2 small leaves. Add concentric lines around your leaves until you reach the edge of the paper.
6. Decide on a color scheme and find all the crayons or colored pencils in that scheme. 

Make sure the flower is colored in warm colors and the stem with leaves are in cool colors.

7. Band colors around the flower being selective with color choices so there is bold contrast.

8. Outline each of the shapes with a strong black line.

When you are happy with your creation, sign your work, take a photo and post it on our Facebook page to win a coupon for $5 off any art program we offer.

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