As we go forward during this Stay-in-Place order and children need something fun to do, check back often to find new art projects by Ms. Lynda to keep them busy for a little while. Hope you enjoy the projects.

Project 1.

This fun and easy Flower painting can be done using any mediums you already have at home.


Paper or Canvas

Crayons, markers or paint

Small Round item like a bottle cap


Make a Dot in the middle of your paper

Put your bottle cap over the dot and trace around it.

Find another spot on your paper and make another dot.

Again put the cap over the dot and trace around it.

Now you have 2 small circles on your paper. These will be the center of your flowers. You can have as many flowers as you want!

Color or paint the center of the flowers

Take another color and paint a circle around your center.

Keep changing the color and keep adding another circle around the previous one until you have 6 or 7 circles around the center. Your flower is complete.

Now color the background in any color you want. You can even add leaves, butterflies or ladybugs to your creation.

Sign your art work, take a photo and post it on our Facebook Page

Every week we will choose a winner who will receive a $5 coupon off any art program!

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